The award-winning business leadership training game based on emotional intelligence.

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Course covers:

  • Building a High Performing Team 
  • Setting Targeted Goals
  • Diversity Management
  • Inspiring For Real Commitment
  • Business Ethics
  • Fraud Protection Awareness
  • Overcoming Setbacks
  • Igniting a Following
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Find out why we were voted #1










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" Love at first click! You almost forget that the topics are work related and have the purpose to be beneficial to your managing skills and thus for your career. Great game with great insights! Thankyou Planet Jockey" Ljuba Natsikos, Spark 44




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Michael M.

Productivity, Agile, Training, and Software Writing Consultant

A great management and leadership learning tool

I met Scott Livingston a Planet Jockey executive at SXSW Interactive 2014. He discussed with me the concept of a management leadership game training tool. I was impressed. Why? It’s a fantastic and productive way to increase your understanding and performance. With a background in Adult Education, Educational Psychology, and Computer Science, I was intrigued by the concept, so I decided to conduct some research on the topic. I came upon one great article by Wired magazine (see, that details the effectiveness of learning with games.

17 days ago

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